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E-description: Extended and Enhanced Descriptions
eDescription Demonstration - "All Systems Go"

Electronic media permeates our elementary and secondary school classrooms. The use of video is a teaching staple, and increasingly Web-based information relies on still pictures, diagrams, animation, and full motion video. Students who are blind or visually impaired often miss much of the information presented in these graphical elements.

The video selected in our first round of methodology testing was a representation of media used in classrooms throughout the United States and comes from the Growing Healthy Curriculum©. We have included a sample of this video "All Systems Go," without and with eDescription to allow the viewer to compare and contrast. Permission to use this footage provided by United Learning (now Discovery Education).

This partial sample of eDescription demonstrates the use of extended, enhanced educational description to provide access to the visual curriculum content experienced by sighted classmates.

Project results will apply to video, graphics, animation, illustrations et al. presented and delivered in wide variety of media. Future delivery methods for eDescription files are many and scalable -- from an audio tape delivered via regular mail to Web-delivered audio direct from the publisher or from a server of a designated educational site or via digital television.

Download the eDescription demonstration QuickTime videos:
Video clip from "All Systems Go" with eDescription (7.4 MB)
Video clip from "All Systems Go" without eDescription (6.4 MB)