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Educational Media
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Educational Media

Accessible Assessments

NCAM is uniquely qualified and staffed to ensure that this generation of online assessments is accessible and provides the best possible experience for students with disabilities.

Accessible Online Learning: Personalized Access to NSDL, Teachers’ Domain and Access for All standards

Access for All metadata and user preferences enable accessible online learning for the National Science Digital Library and Teachers' Domain, WGBH's digital library of educational resources.

Authoring with Video

Research on the use of caption writing for video in classrooms with children who are deaf or heard to hearing, and its effect on reading, writing and motivation gains.

Cornerstones Literacy

Cornerstones is a a research-based, technology-infused approach to literacy instruction and an online teaching unit for elementary students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Describing Images for Enhanced Assessments

Making standardized K-12 assessments more accessible to students with print disabilities by including high-quality image description. Research and training with teachers and students is a collaboration with NCAM, the University of Northern Colorado, and the education agencies of Colorado, Kansas and Utah.

Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials (DIAGRAM)

The DIAGRAM Center (Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials) is a research and development center that will greatly improve the processes and availability of accessible images for students with disabilities.

E-description: Extended and Enhanced Descriptions

The project is based on technology that allows children who are blind or visually impaired to independently access additional information that is embedded within today's visually rich curriculum materials.

Effective Practices for Description of Science Content within Digital Talking Books

Recommended practices for audio descriptions of science images within digital talking books (DTBs) for the benefit of users who are blind or have low vision.


NCAM is partnering with Benetech's DIAGRAM Center and WGBH's PEEP and the Big Wide World to create accessible learning materials for early learners.

Specifications for Accessible Learning Technologies

NCAM staff lead an industry standards process within the IMS Global Learning Consortium that maintains the Access for All metadata and learner information standards, now ISO/IEC Standard 24751.

Related Projects

Invent + Build » Web + Multimedia
Accessible Digital Media Guidelines

A publication of the Beyond the Text project.

Invent + Build » Web + Multimedia
Captioning Solutions for Handheld Media and Mobile Devices

A project to develop technical solutions for delivering captioned content to iPods, cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.

Experience + Learn » Media at Home + Work
Media Access Group at WGBH - Creating Captioned and Described Content

NCAM's fellow Access division at WGBH produces captioning and description for every kind of media created (television, feature films, DVD, Web- and mobile device-based).

Invent + Build » Web + Multimedia
Tools & Guidelines

NCAM-created resources for producing accessible multimedia and Web sites.