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Analog + Digital TV Index
Highlighted Project

A central repository of information about how captioning and description services are affected by the transition to digital television.

Analog + Digital TV Index

Access to Emergency Alerts for People with Disabilities

An NCAM-led initiative to enhance the nation’s emergency warning systems to better serve people with sensory disabilities.

Access to Locally Televised On-Screen Information

This project explored solutions to enable local television stations to better serve disabled audiences by offering automatic speech processing of on-screen text and graphics for viewers who are blind or have low vision, and to prioritize on-screen text and graphics with captions for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Caption Accuracy Metrics

An NCAM-led grant funded initiative to develop a prototype automated caption accuracy assessment system for real-time captions for live news programming.

Developer's Guide to Creating Talking Menus for Set-top Boxes and DVDs

Providing an audio interface so blind and visually impaired viewers can operate a set-top box.

DTV Access: A Resource Site for Industry and Consumers is a site maintained by WGBH's Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media to provide information on accessing captioning and video description in digital television.

Speech Solutions for Next-Generation Media Centers

Research on speech navigation solutions for home media center platforms, which typically rely on complex onscreen menus which are not accessible to people who are blind and are difficult to use for people who have low vision.

Related Projects

Experience + Learn » Media at Home + Work
Accessible Digital Radio Broadcast Services

A grant awarded to National Public Radio (NPR) and the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media to research and develop a prototype systems for delivering captions and audio descriptions via HD radio.

Invent + Build » Web + Multimedia
Captioning Solutions for Handheld Media and Mobile Devices

A project to develop technical solutions for delivering captioned content to iPods, cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices.

Experience + Learn » Media at Home + Work
Media Access Group at WGBH - Creating Captioned and Described Content

NCAM's fellow Access division at WGBH produces captioning and description for every kind of media created (television, feature films, DVD, Web- and mobile device-based).

Invent + Build » Web + Multimedia
Tools & Guidelines

NCAM-created resources for producing accessible multimedia and Web sites.