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NCAM Accessibility QA Favelet

NCAM Accessibility QA Favelet

The NCAM Accessibility QA Favelet is designed to help developers and quality assurance personnel identify accessibility issues on web pages. The favelet is organized around a structured QA process which will help developers reduce the number of issues on pages.

Downloading the favelet

The favelet: NCAM QA Favelet

To obtain the favelet, do one of the following:

  • drag the 'NCAM QA Favelet' link to the browser link toolbar
  • right-click on the 'NCAM QA Favelet' link and choose 'Add to Favorites' or 'Bookmark This Link', saving the link to the 'Links' folder in Internet Explorer or the 'Bookmarks Toolbar folder' in Mozilla. This can also be accomplished from the keyboard using the options-menu key on most keyboards.
Testing of Web content by accessibility specialists and by disabled users is a necessary part of any significant Web-development effort. The NCAM QA Favelet will not eliminate the need for this type of testing nor will it guarantee that a page is accessible. However, it will help quickly identify accessibility obstacles on a Web page as well as general accessibility trends through a Web site.


The favelet will work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Operar and Safari on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

There are many other favelets available on the Web, including a selection that can be used to support accessibility evaluations. The NCAM Accessibility QA Favelet is geared around a specific process, rather than offering developers a collection of tools. Experienced developers looking for additional accessibility favelets may be interested in accessibility tools offered by Accessify or Vision Australia's AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar.

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