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What is STEP?

STEP (Simple Tool for Error Prioritization) is a tool for analyzing evaluation data from popular Web accessibility evaluation tools, such as Watchfire's Bobby and UsableNet's LIFT. STEP does not perform the accessibility evaluation, but examines the results of an evaluation and creates a report which prioritizes the results based on the severity and repairability of the errors found, as well as on the importance of the pages where errors were identified.


  • A unique system for prioritizing accessibility errors found using Web accessibility evaluation tools
  • Multiple work plans for repairing errors
  • An easy-to-follow interface to guide you through each selection
  • An option for designating page importance
  • A manual check override for clearing specific errors
  • A tool for locating errors in templates

STEP's reports show:

  • a prioritized list of pages in your site based on the type of errors found on those pages
  • a list of errors based on either the WCAG guidelines or Section 508 standards
  • a graphical representation of the overall accessibility issues found in your site
  • a historical view of the repair progress over time
  • error patterns that may be associated with templates

STEP gives priority to pages with severe, easy-to-fix errors

Graphical representation of severity and repairability

Where can I get STEP?

STEP is no longer available. Please contact Donna Danielewski for further information.

Funding for STEP was provided by GSA.

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