CADET requires two components to be downloaded and installed:

Download and install NodeJS [Required]

  1. Download and install Node.js.
    • Download the most recent LTS (Long-Term Support) release for your computer.
    • Make sure to match your operating system (Windows or Mac) and architecture (32-/64-bit).
  2. After running the Node installer, you can verify that the installation was successful:
    • Open a Command/DOS window (if running on Windows) or a terminal window (if running on Mac) and type "node --version" (no quotes). A message should appear with a version number (e.g., v6.10.3).

Download and install CADET [Required]

  1. Download CADET
  2. Unpack the CADET zip archive. CADET will unzip to a directory with CADET resource files inside.

Note: If you are installing a CADET update, please be sure to QUIT all previous instances of CADET before installing and running the update: from within CADET, open CADET's File menu and choose Quit.


To run CADET, navigate to the CADET folder/directory and:

On Windows

On Mac

You can create aliases for the Windows or Mac launchers (that is, for the files CADET Windows.bat or CADET Mac.command) and put them anywhere that's convenient, like on your desktop. Just be sure that the launchers themselves remain in the CADET folder.