CADET (Caption And Description Editing Tool) is an application for creating timed-text captions in popular formats that will play in most browsers or stand-alone media players. CADET can also be used to write and time scripts for audio descriptions (also known as video descriptions or descriptive narration). CADET runs on Mac or Windows operating systems, and runs in any modern Web browser.

CADET development was funded with help from the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts, with additional funding from the following individuals:

System Requirements

The following software is required to use CADET:

CADET user group

The CADET user group is the primary means of communication between the CADET development team and users. This is where you can go to get help from other CADET users, as well as report problems and request new features from the CADET development staff. NCAM will also post information about software updates and fixes here. Please be aware that solicitations for products and services are not allowed, and civilized forms of communication are encouraged. Violators of either of these policies will be immediately removed without warning.

CADET Tutorials

Head over to the CADET Tutorials for examples and tips on how to use CADET's many features. We show you how to install CADET, create captions, and much more.