Shortcuts to common tasks in CADET

Shortcut Action
F1 Help
Ctrl+K Keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+J new proJect
Ctrl+S Save project
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+M open Media clip
Ctrl+Shift+X Cut block
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy block
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste block
Ctrl+Shift+Del Delete block
Return + Return Insert new caption row below current row
Ctrl+UpArrow / Ctrl+DownArrow Move up/down row in table
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+L ♪ insert musicaL note ♪
Ctrl+, Insert caption start time
Ctrl+. Insert caption end time
Ctrl+E Edit mode toggle (Edit/Review)
Ctrl+space bar Toggle play/pause
Ctrl+Alt+S Stop and rewind video to beginning
Ctrl+Q Cue media to start time
Ctrl+SHIFT+Q Cue media to end time
Ctrl+Y sYnc table to media (find nearest row)
Ctrl+[ Slow down media playback
Ctrl+] Speed up media playback
Ctrl+\ Reset media playback to normal speed
Ctrl+(SHFT)(ALT)+G Jump (N)(NN)(NNN) seconds backward
Ctrl+(SHFT)(ALT)+H Jump (N)(NN)(NNN) seconds forward
Escape Exit Alert, Open/Save and other modal dialogs